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We stand ready to tailor a program just for you.

5 Star CDL Academy offers refresher courses for those drivers that need to be brought up to speed on any aspect of today’s Federal regulations, State specific regulations, Specialized Vehicle Systems, or appear lacking in any area of safe and efficient operation. We can advance a driver through any additional endorsements needed.

5 Star CDL Academy provides ADVANCED DRIVER COURSES including safe mountain driving, extreme operating conditions, cargo handling, specialized and non-standard equipment. (special rigs.)

5 Star CDL Academy can tailor ANY specific evaluation and/or training to suit YOU, the Employer. We pride ourselves on our highly trained, Certified Instructors, our comprehensive and up to date instructional media, and our knowledge base of current regulations, e-Log mandates, FMCSR’s and extreme condition and safe operation skills instruction.

Please contact 5 Star CDL Academy with any questions you may have regarding specialized or customized programs that your company might require.

Trucking Companies, Shippers, Delivery Companies; Anyone operating under the FMCSR’s and ALL who hire and employ CDL Professional Drivers:

5 Star CDL Academy, LLC, a Professional Truck Driver Training School, located in Grand Junction, CO and serving the Western Region, offers much more than just our excellent 130 – 150 hour truck driver training courses.

In addition to our standardized courses, 5 Star also offers many services designed for YOU, the employer.

5 Star CDL Academy offers DMV testing, (and test preparation courses.)

5 Star CDL Academy offers employee evaluations for driving skills and safety skills. This can benefit the employer in hiring the right drivers